UC-584 Universal Transponder Antenna Coupler

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The UC-584 Universal Transponder Antenna Coupler is designed to solve the problem of reliable FAR Part 43 Appendix 'F' ERP (Effective Radiated Power) and transponder MTL (Minimum Trigger Level) testing, in the high multi-path ramp and hangar environments.

The UC-584 antenna coupler provides 20 dB of transponder antenna isolation, ensuring airborne TCAS systems and SSR ground stations do not see UUT transponder altitude replies under test conditions where the air-data system is pressurized to flight levels. ADS-B transponder antennas exhibit gain in the forward direction, which adds to the complication of where to position test antennas in relation to the aircraft antenna to achieve a repeatable ERP test. The innovative design of the Antenna Coupler includes an integral positioning slot ensuring a high level of measurement repeatability is achieved, saving test time.

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UC-584 Universal Transponder Antenna Coupler Data Sheet

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