Aeroflex US Environmental Policies

Aeroflex recognizes and accepts that concern for the protection and conservation of both the local and global environment is an important part of the Company’s business. The Company also seeks to develop and maintain a good relationship with its neighbors and takes into account their interest, the interests of the general public, local community and regulatory authorities.

The Company will constantly seek new techniques and improve procedures in order to minimize or eliminate any disturbance to the environment or the quality of life of the local communities in which the Company operates.

The Company will use the best practicable means to meet its environmental responsibilities, to assess and to monitor its operations, thus ensuring that any threat of pollution to the environment from either its processes or products will be eliminated or effectively controlled.

Organizational Responsibilities

The VP Gen Manager has overall responsibility for all environmental matters and the implementation of the Company Environmental Policy.

All Department Managers are responsible for all environmental standards and performance in their respective areas.

Specifically the Company shall

  1. Encourage individual managers at every level throughout the Company, when organizing and planning work procedures to consider and take positive steps to promote good working practices so as to improve environmental performance.
  2. Provide appropriate environmental information, training and instruction to all employees ensuring their individual awareness and responsibility to act in accordance with the policy.
  3. Promote open exchange of environmental information with customers, suppliers, contractors, local authorities and the community.
  4. Endeavour wherever possible to minimize or eliminate waste materials at source and to establish a clear strategy to recycle or reuse its waste.
  5. Ensure that labeling, packaging, storage and disposal of waste meets the legal requirements under its duty of care, paying particular attention to environmentally harmful or hazardous waste.
  6. Ensure effective and efficient use of resources, be it people, raw materials, energy or water, particularly those resources which are scarce or irreplaceable.
  7. Advise suppliers and contractors of this policy and make copies freely available to the general public, regulatory authorities and customers.

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