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The 5800 Series is a multi-configuration, multi-functional test system that is designed to meet the ever changing needs of today's electronic manufacturing environment. The 5800 Series architecture adopts an open approach to both hardware and software, allowing the user to configure the systems to suit the exact product test requirements in line with the overall company test strategy. This makes the 5800 Series an obvious choice when needing a flexible single test solution, capable of being anything from a simple bench top Manufacturing Defects Analyzer (MDA) to a complex functional automated End-of-Line (EOL) solution. 

The many capabilities of the 5800 Series minimize investment in test systems by reducing the number of platforms required to achieve throughput, also whilst providing the highest level of test coverage within a single manufacturing stage.

The open approach provided by the 5800 Series is unique in the market place as it allows any 3U PXI instrument to be used alongside the 5800's own hardware to facilitate the ultimate test platform, all of which are then controlled under a single software environment.

5820 Bench Top

The bench top model provides a scalable core system but in a low cost package. Allowing you to start small but grow your test solution. The Aeroflex instrument cards are interfaced to the test fixture by means of interconnecting cabling. As with all the body styles, 3rd party PXI and GPIB controlled instrumentation can be added to further enhance the capabilities of the system. This system can then be effortlessly migrated to a rack-mounted system as your test requirements grow without loss of any previous investment

5830 Rack Mount

The 5830 Rack Mount model builds the core system into a 19" rack solution for further test flexibility. The Aeroflex cards can then be cabled to an industry standard mass interconnect interface of the user’s choice such as a Virginia PanelTM or MAC panelTM or ECT VG Series (Pylon). The rack mounted system is the easiest platform to integrate additional test resource that is not available in PXI format such as GPIB controlled instrumentation, as it can all be contained within the one unit thus future proofing your test investment.

5860 Stand-Alone

The 5860 is a floor-standing system that is self-contained and ergonomically designed for high volume production. This compact system is particularly suited to low cost automated in-line fixture applications where its height profile allows for SMEMA compliance. The chassis houses many of the functional components required for a standalone multi-strategy test system:

• 2U 19" Industrial PC

• Vacuum fixture actuation (optional)

• Monitor/Keyboard

• Mains safety and distribution

• Operators Panel *

• User Power Supplies *

 * - Upright system only

The tester mass interconnect utilizes the industry leading Virginia PanelTM G12X interface that provides a high density, compact and reliable connection between test system and test subject.

  • Analog in-Circuit test (ICT)
  • Digital Functional test (FCT)
  • High Test Point count
  • Automatic program generation (CAPG)
  • .NET compliant software
  • Boundary Scan and Device Programming
  • Capacitor Polarity and Vectorless Test
  • Future Proof - Infinitely scalable open architecture
  • Graphical development environment
  • Small footprint
  • 21 slot PXI backplane for 3U PXI Integration 

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We offer extensive training courses to ensure customers are properly and adequately trained in using and maintaining our ATE equipment. These courses are usually held in the Aeroflex offices, but can be conducted on the customer's premises by arrangement.

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