Wichita Training

The following courses will be held at Cobham AvComm Wichita in a structured classroom environment or at the client's site. If the course you require is not listed, please fill out the form at Training.

The maintenance courses are designed to provide the knowledge and skills required to repair and calibrate each unit. All participants will receive an operations and or maintenance manual, and receive a certificate upon completion. please fill out the form at Training for additional information.


3500 3500_maint.pdf 3500_ops.pdf
3550   3550_ops.pdf
3515 3515N_maint.pdf 3515N_ops.pdf
3900 3900_maint.pdf 3900_ops.pdf
8800   8800_ops.pdf
ATC-1400 ATC-1400 Maintenance.pdf ATC-1400 Operations.pdf
ATC-1400 Series ATC-1400 Series Maintenance.pdf ATC-1400 Series Operation.pdf
I-1402 I-1402 Maintenance.pdf I-1402 Operations.pdf
IFF-701 Ti IFF-701Ti Maintenance.pdf IFF-701Ti Operations.pdf
IFR 4000 IFR-4000 Maintenance.pdf IFR-4000 Operations.pdf
IFR 6000 IFR-6000 Maintenance.pdf IFR-6000 Operations.pdf
RD-301A RD-301A Maintenance.pdf RD-301A Operations.pdf
RDX-7708 RDX-7708 Maintenance.pdf RDX-7708 Operations.pdf
S-1403/I-1404 S-1403 and I-1404 Maintenance.pdf S-1403DL and I-1404 Operations.pdf
S-1403DLMLD S-1403DLMLD Maintenance.pdf S-1403DLMLD Operation.pdf
T-1401 T-1401 Maintenance.pdf T-1401 Operations.pdf

For further information or to enroll contact our customer service department:
Tel: (800) 835-2350
Fax: 316-529-5330
Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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