Visual C++ 6.0 Basic Signal Generator

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Visual C++ 6.0

Basic Signal Generator

The example shows how to use the SigGen dll's C++ interface in Microsoft Visual C++ V6.0 to:

  • Boot the instruments
  • Turn signal on and off
  • Generate CW signal
  • I and Q calibration
  • Choose between internal or external frequency standard
  • Set signal center frequency
  • Set signal level
  • Load an ARB file into the ARB memory *
  • Play an ARB file in the ARB memory *
  • Stop playing an ARB file *
  • Close the instruments

It assumes that the following hardware and/or software has been installed successfully:

  • Aeroflex 3010 RF Synthesizer PXI card
  • Aeroflex 3020 Digital RF Signal Generator PXI card
  • Aeroflex PXI Module Software (V5.0.0 or better) with the following options selected:
    • PXI Module Drivers - 3010, 3020
    • PXI Instrument Components - Signal Generator

It also assumes that:

  • The 3010 LO output is connected to the 3020 LO input.
  • * The 3020 requires option 100 enabled to permit playing the ARB file supplied in this example.

This example can be loaded into the Visual Studio development environment by loading the workspace:



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